Sheep, Rivers and Stone walls | Day 220 of my 2023 Journal


It always takes forever to move back into the van after living in a house. So much stuff needs to go to specific corners and to be reorganized so we are ready for van living. So we did that. All morning. In beautiful sunshine.

The next step was driving to Kendal, and the route took us through a good chunk of Forest of Bowland. We stopped at the most magical and beautiful place to have lunch in the grass by the river under the trees. Literally magical. We crossed the river to walk the moss on the other side, took many photos, and enjoyed the whole thing. After coffee, we drove to yet another dam for a short walk between sheep, under trees, along paths, and to the dam - a very strange beauty, almost surreal the way the water fell as if around a corner.

Returning, we sat by the river having cake and more coffee and talking, drawing, and resting before we drove off. At one point, you get to the top of a hill, and there it is, The ocean. The view really is something. Right there, there was a roadblock, so we had the chance to keep driving in the landscape of stone walls, sheep, rivers, and hills.

After spending an entire week in these surroundings, I am sure they will stay in our memories of England as something very special.

After that was the highway, supermarket, and arriving at our friend's house in Kendal. Happy to reunite, happy to talk, walk, cook, dine. The teens watched two girly guilty pleasure movies back to back and laughed a lot, and it was a very happy and late night in Great Britain, Great Friendship.

One day of social pause seems to have done its job.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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