Kendal | Day 221 of my 2023 Journal


We met Annas' family at the castle in Normandie in the spring, and we all got along very well. And it was a pleasure to visit them, even though we had only one day to share. Sometimes this can be enough, or at least much better than nothing.

Flowing through the day, we had a lovely walk where we enjoyed the wide church, the river, the central street, and the park. The weather was changing, the temperature rising, and we were all a bit tired after the late night the day before. Hanging in the grass, talking, playing spike ball, and walking the streets was a lovely day spent.

The church was a very good experience. Churches in England are so much more square than on the continent. The aesthetics are very different. This particular church was welcoming and open and had many highlights. The mosaic windows were all different, not just in motif but also in style and color choice; there were several activities and a cafe, though it was an active Christian church. This is a great way to handle a church, to make it open and welcoming for people to pop in, borrow a book, do artwork, have a coffee, light a candle or sit and talk for a while. I liked it very much.

Returning from the park, we rested in the afternoon, and I had the pleasure of going for a walk with my oldest son, talking about England, life, studies, movies, and friendships.

I do enjoy a good walk with a favorite person; it was lovely.

Then we cooked again, dined again, hung and talked again with our hosts, the way life is when it is calm and best.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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