Arriving in Liverpool | Day 222 of my 2023 Journal


Here begins a little bite of the road trip, just the five of us - as planned on our pausing day in Forest of Bowland. Liverpool was on the way to Stonehenge, and Stonehenge was on the bucket list. We have a dear friend from Liverpool, and we cherish the dialect.

Plus. The Beatles. The city is almost a place of worship just because of the Beatles.

It was a warm day, 27 degrees. Our streak of more than two weeks in England with rain every day is finally broken; it is summer, and we are on the road.

Storm had found an Airbnb for us in a house painted wildly on the outside and with artwork on the walls, almost everywhere on the inside too. The theme is the football club, and the artist is good at what they are doing. It will be a place to remember.

So, we cooked a late lunch and got ourselves installed before we walked 4 kilometers to the city center, where we randomly chose to see the Chinese arch. Liverpool has a relatively large and, more interestingly, very old Chinese community (dating back to the 18th hundreds), and the arch was shipped from Shanghai, and assembled here, featuring 200 dragons, just to say something.

We learned so much about Liverpool. About the Chinese here. About how the dialect is called Scouse, the same as a dish they traditionally serve, which for us is funny as it derives from the Scandinavian word skovs. Today most Danes only know of skipperlabskovs, a cooked stew of meat and veggies. The word and the dish arrived in Liverpool with ships from Scandinavia, and the word stayed.

We took pictures of street art, listened to the scouse dialect in the streets, took an Uber back, had dinner, and watched a documentary on the rivalry between the football clubs in Liverpool and Manchester. Quite interesting.

And then we slept with logos on the walls, football flags on the clothes hanger, and artistic portraits of football stars on the walls. Interesting.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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