Emergency vet appointment | Day 234 of my 2023 Journal


The photo below is entirely non-related to the situation. I don’t know what it is, but it was strange in an interesting way. Compared with the not-very-beautiful yet somehow matching building behind it. It was decorating the tiny park with a 200-meter path to walk around the smallest ponds. Silke and I walked there, talking about the festival, Mexico winter plans, and other small and big stuff. At the same time, we waited for Jesper to pick us up after our emergency visit to the local veterinarian.


Our oldest dog, Yuna, does not like wasps and bites out after them when they circle her head. You can not blame her. I hate them, too. They are so annoying!
This time, Yuna got one of them bastards, and while biting it, it bit back and stung her on the tongue. Damn. There is no way to know if this is dangerous. The tongue could swell so much that the dog might have trouble breathing, so we drove off to the nearest vet.

They took us right away, and the vet was a blessing: She worked her way around the fearful dog who was also in pain, and with no constraining or other harsh handling, she checked the situation and gave an anti-histamine injection to make sure the tongue would not swell even more.

When I came back, my friend Sascha was amazed by the speediness of the whole thing. She had had her future read in tea leaves (I suppose with some sarcasm thrown into that equation), and we had fixed the entire dog situation meanwhile.

I snapped a photo of a random statue while talking about this and that and whatever in the great way you talk to teens.

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Cecilie Conrad

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