Camino Frances Day 13: Walk to Melide & A Miracle Cream Experience | Day 264 of my 2023 Journal

Day 264

Camino Frances. Day thirteen.

Walking to Melide. I can not even remember how long we walked. We just kept walking. All of us. Different paces, Changing groups. A bit of rain and some sunshine.

We walked to Melide, where we also stayed last year, and had the most amazing dinner at the place where the cook taught me about Silverderma, a miracle cream for burns. Last year, I arrived with a burned hand as I had stupidly touched my cooker in the morning, and she treated it with the cream, preventing blisters and pain for weeks. 

Again, they made an amazing dinner for us; the salads were just SO good, maybe mainly because the salads here are very basic: 7 pieces of lettuce, half a tomato, and half an onion; you dress with olive oil and vinegar. If someone puts in great ingredients and takes the time to make a good vinaigrette, we are in heaven.

The days blur. I will admit it.

And I do not write about them on the day, as we are walking - too tired and too many tasks in the afternoons.

So here we go. This is what I remember by now.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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