Camino Frances Day 12: Embracing Beauty, Memories, and Milestones | Day 263 of my 2023 Journal

Day 263

Camino Frances. Day twelve.

Just keep walking. Another seventeen kilometers.

We started at a low-vibe place.

The group sleeping in hostels had booked it, so we stayed here. But from last year, the other half of the group knew this place to be off.

The way the cows are handled in this particular village is just off, and the whole place stinks of it literally and vibrationally. Plus, there was not much great sleep to get for those in the hostel.

All in all, it felt great to leave, and the sunrise helped us, drowning everything in beauty. 

There is a lot to be said about beauty. Like time is not yours to HAVE, it will pass through you and be available to LIVE. Beauty is this fragile element of life we can not hold on to or plan for, but we can seek it out, make sure to enjoy it when it makes itself available (which in reality is close to always), and hold it sacred.

Beauty is as overwhelming as love and time and existence itself, and it could blow me to pieces, seriously tear me apart - so somehow, I have to “just” let it be. And be with it and in it.

I can take some pictures, but in all fairness, they will be memory support and inspiration for my wandering mind to process what happened.

The beauty itself, I have to let it go, let it be, and walk with it, reaching out of my person, trying to combine my existence with the big Everything.

Such is a sunset with my tribe at this time, including our new American friends.

On this day, we passed the 200km, and I realized I had walked most of it with my new bestie, so we took a tourist-style camino photo and walked on through immense beauty and annoying inclines and boring roads, found a beautiful flower and a crazy burger bar in a basement.

So many elements. I am not trying to grasp it, nor embrace it, just BE with it, let it flow through me as if I was in a river, allowing for all the cold crisp water to pass.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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