Unleashing Wanderlust: Our High-Energy Road Trip from Santiago to Madrid | Day 272 of my 2023 Journal

Off to see the world

Off to see the world

The first thing we did when we started the car to leave Santiago del Compostella was to blow the energy out by listening to our favorite adventure songs on full volume and not even sing-along, but shout-along.

Wearing sunglasses and with the hit of espresso in the blood, Lucas Graham underlined the exit emotion:

“Hey, where you gonna go?
We're off to see the world
We don't need to know.”

It is banal, yes, but often, music and lyrics can hit the nerve of precisely what we co-feel, and the singing lifts the vibration to an even higher level. It was not easy to end the Camino experience this year, and more goodbyes were coming, as our Liv and her Erik were to leave in a few days too - but then again:

By now, it seems we have learned it.

The change is not so bad.

We have wanderlust in our veins; we have become adventure-crazy; we simply can not stop. Even when we try, we can not.

We are off to see the world.

It is that simple.

The adventure itself is the goal; we NEED to see what is behind the next corner, what the view is from the next mountaintop, how the ocean feels at the next beach, and what the vibe is in the next city. Not to forget all the fine art and all the old stone, and all the new people, and all the old friends.

So, I am driving shotgun underneath a hot sun, feeling like a someone. Literally. And singing it with my tribe. We can go on. Disney classics like A Brand New World and On My Way from when the kids were small will never grow old.

On and on, we drove 600 km to Madrid to reunite Liv with Erik. Just one nice stop in the now Real Spain Heat of 30 degrees and full power sun to have lunch and coffee before we arrived in Madrid to do our favorite thing # 6548 (i.e., we hate it): Shopping!

Underwear, cables, new headphones - it had to be done.

So, we laughed a lot and survived it, and then spent the evening in a wonderful park, enjoying the sunset and the amazing full moon, dining, playing music, reading, and cooling down.

All days are beautiful. When you think about it.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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