Embracing the Big Goodbye: Our Journey of Friendship and Adventure | Day 271 of my 2023 Journal


Big Bad Goodbye

Waking up to the last day, the day of Big Goodbye, was not easy. At least to me, it was not. I had to turn my mind around the situation several times to find the sweet spot to understand the change as the change, not as pain.

Really, it is all in the mind. Life is not so much what is, as it is how we handle it.

Though it is challenging to know we are all moving on, it seems unfair not to take the chance and be grateful. We have made great friends and unforgettable memories over the past three weeks; walking the Camino with Cheryl and Porter has been a game changer on more levels than we can describe now, so allowing the parting to lower the vibration would be a waste.

Rather, enjoy.

It was a challenge, I admit it. And I accept it. This is what this life is: An adventurous learning journey with great challenges, immense beauty, and LOVE. So, of course, I accept the challenge and trust I can do it.

Enjoy the day. I had coffee with my girls at the local cafe had conversations with my new bestie and took a good long walk in Santiago, where we bought the planned friendship bracelets and found some lunch. The lunch was a great success, a street food hall but upscaled to a restaurant vibe. The owner told me he had been to Copenhagen to study for the project and yet decided on the order at the table version.

Going through 8 menus was a bit confusing, but in the end, the flow of things was much better for the group of eight, and the timing was perfect.

As was the food. And the music.

There were many smiles, much laughter, and only a slight pinch of melancholy, only enough to spice up the thing.

It is all right. Nomad life is full of goodbyes, endings, and packing and change.

This adventure has been amazing, and so will the next. And the next. And before we know it, this group is together again to explore another corner of the planet and unfold more of the friendship.

We downloaded a countdown app and realized it was exactly 100 days to the reunion of the group. Very poetic and not so bad.

The next adventure awaits.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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