Da Ladies Fixing the World: A Podcast for Change-Makers | Day 286 of my 2023 Journal


Da Ladies Fixing the world!

I think most of us have been down the rabbit hole of fixing everything in conversation with friends. Maybe over a bottle of wine or two, you sort it all out and believe most other people are in the dark, and the entirety of the establishment could learn a lot from listening in.

I say this with a smile. We are often self-conscious and would not brag about this, not truly believe we are so right we could fix everything - or how is it? How many of us walk around truly believing we hold at least one element of truth that could potentially have a huge and beautiful impact and make things much better?

But at the same time, I feel overwhelmed or helpless, facing the reality of how massive the structures we would have to work with. Or against.

I wonder, sometimes, what would happen if we had more confidence. More courage. I feel it in myself, how easily the fog will numb me and how “busy” can distract me so efficiently. From doing what is right. And doing something about what is wrong.

To me, it is an excellent reminder to record a podcast with my wise girlfriends, Luna Maj, Sarah, and Carli. My entire blogging, podcasting, and daily sharing is something I do because I know the only way I can truly make an impact is to clear the fog, take responsibility, stay with my truth, and live the life I believe in.

And when I talk about unschooling, questioning everything, and staying with your truth with these amazing women, I have hope for the future of humanity; I have power because I know I am not alone, and I feel safe because I know my questions are not completely insane.

Da Ladies Fixing the World is a curious and honest podcast, and I think you should all subscribe to listen to me and my three friends fixing the world. The next one will be about attachment, what the concept means, and why it is the base of any good unschooling. It will air by the 24th of this month.

Until then, you can enjoy the first three episodes.

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Da Ladies Fixing the World

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