The Beauty in 'Useless' Moments: A Day of Loose Ends and New Beginnings" | Day 287 of my 2023 Journal


A useless sentence on a beautiful day!

Wrapping up things seems to be a lot of computer time.

Sitting on the rooftop balcony figuring things out, finishing other things, making documents, replying to emails, writing the blog, and reading about insurance policies is not so bad.

It is, in the end, the good life.

There is no way around admin, and there is no way we would stop communicating. So, computer time will be part of life. As long as it does not take center stage, I am happy.

I am also happy when I get to share another meal by the Mediterranean with my good friend Rohit, and after that, meet some other friends whom I have not seen for a long time. To say hello and share stories, recommendations, and life philosophy for a while. By the sea. Beautiful afternoon.

Silke is wrapping up her journaling challenge just as I am, filling in the blanks before we go - hence the photo. It feels so good; it is hard to describe. I finished a pair of socks I started knitting in January; all loose ends weaved in, literally.

And then, in the evening, doing my Spanish exercises, I learned a sentence I will never need in real life. Ayer no aprendimos nada (Yesterday we didn't learn anything!).

I immediately sent it to Sandra Dodd, and we had a good conversation about teenagers and school, how we could be radical but shouldn’t, and how sometimes school experiences can be part of an unschooled childhood. We have always to stay open and curious.

But it does hold.

Never ever will it be the truth that we learned nothing yesterday.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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