When Friends Arrive: A Day of Discoveries in Playa del Carmen | Day 294 of my 2023 Journal


When friends arrive.

Jetlag is a real thing. It affects our emotional life more than we had expected. It might be the sleep deprivation or the chaos on all physiological levels; I am not sure.

On our second day in Playa, we waited for friends to arrive and spent all morning working and exercising. I ran in the other direction on 5th Avenue and found the craziness to evaporate and leave space for street art, which was a great relief. It's also lovely to reach a point where I could run 3k without stopping. It has been a long journey.

Another achievement of the day was to find the local market so we could later enjoy a lovely lunch at home with even better produce to work with. It might become hard to stay on track with losing weight, as the food is so damn delicious. Let’s see how it goes. The jetlag is not helping either, and that will at least change fairly quickly.

On the way to the market, we realized Playa might not be AS hellish touristy as first impressions suggested. And there was even more street art. We love street art.

I went out for coffee with Silke in the morning, a treat I enjoyed very much. Talking about dogs and life and coffee, we walked by the cover photo of this post about thinking outside the box. What a lovely way to highlight the general idea of winning by coloring (or playing) outside the lines.


Reminds me of my baseline, of my lifestyle, of most of my friends, of the way of thinking that makes me happy.

In the afternoon, Silke and I met our friends in the street after buying Silke a bikini (she had forgotten her swimwear in Spain), and the rest of the day was spent talking nonstop. We hung out in the sofas, walked to photograph more street art, got to see other sides of Playa, and hear stories from the almost 20 years Kenia has been coming here.

“If I have a place to stay and a friend to show me around, I am ready to go.” This is my friend Rohit's line, and it is coming true in Playa for us.

We are going to enjoy our time with Kenia and Sophie very much. No matter how many other people gather here to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the cilantro.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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