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Join us to learn, what we learned, when we moved in with strangers, just because it felt right. A new adventure begins. On so many levels.

The Yes Year

This year 2019 has its own theme. Sometimes we simply call it “Freedom”, sometimes “Homo Erectus”, and sometimes, we call it: “The YES Year”. It is all the same. Let me share with you, how we chose to evolve by doing something, we always did, just in a very NEW way, so it was transforming and awesome.

How we cope with fear

So, we live on rock-solid values, deep unconditional love, and trust, there is a path in front of us if we dare look for it. So, we chose to dare. As we have chosen, fear has no place in our life, we sometimes feel fear, but we also choose to let go of it and avoid in this way to let it affect our choices. We chose to be courageous: To do things, even if we have felt some fear, just calling out the fear as irrelevant and a downer. We don’t want to play with it, it can go somewhere else to play.

When the Universe talks

The question is not if we can listen, the question is: Do we dare to take ourselves so seriously, that we act on the whispering from the Divine? There is no simple and mundane way to express this. The fact is: First we feel, feel the vibration, the calling, the light. After we rationalize, explain, and make sure, we have a story for everyone to understand.

This year, Gran Canaria called. Slowly we realized, we had to go. Something and/or someone was waiting for us there. Could be, that we had to be someone's angel, there were lessons to learn, but all we knew, was that we had to go to Gran Canaria. Soon the date stood out clearly: Around the beginning of February, at least 6 weeks.

We can talk about the weather. And the fact, our daughter’ boyfriends mothers’ family is from GC. The fact we like the Canaries and this is an unknown one to us. But honestly, this is just a mumble jumble. The truth is: that we felt it. We just knew.

And we said YES. We choose to obey if we like. The clear calling, even with dates.

Since we would not want to bring the bus (too complicated), we reached out to friends and family, and through the tribe of homeschoolers to announce our arrival, and ask if anyone had a house for rent or a spare room or a pool house or any ideas, now the bus had to stay in Catalunia. When we do this, we feel very clearly, the Divine response, when something is right. So we chilled. Did our thing. Forgot about it.

Do something out of the ordinary

And then one fine day, Nathalia and Mitchel (with their 2 sons and 1 daughter) contacted us, and asked, if we wanted to move in with them for a while.

Because: Why not?

I felt it. In one second. This is right. I know it. I need no explanation, no presentation, no contract. I know it is right. We are going.

Does it sound a bit crazy? To put your whole family on a plane, fly a few thousand kilometers, and move in with someone, you have never met before? Well, you are welcome to think whatever, and I shall understand and forgive it all.

We have done it before. Something out of the ordinary, something seemingly a bit crazy. This is not so bad. And we have moved in with other families before, or shared our own home with “strangers”, and only had amazing experiences, met truly interesting and loving and fantastic people, and never had regrets. We are happy with all of the co-living we have done in the past, truly. The only new part here is: We are the guests, and we are the “strangers”. Another angle to a known situation. Nothing really new.

Life is easy

The interesting part is: Actually, it is not so hard. When you know something is right, totally right, then everything else falls into place. And you are ready to accept any challenge following the steps you just took.

Our families have so much to offer each other on so many levels, I can hardly begin to describe it. It is flying! Yet this first week has also been very practical, just feeling each other, getting into routines, and finding the peace and the rhythms, so everyone can thrive. It takes time. But it seems, we all know it is worth it. We are IN. We are READY. This adventure ROCKS.

I once heard some transformational speaker say this: “When you do what is hard, your life becomes easy. When you do what is easy, your life becomes hard”. It seems to be a paradox, but actually, it is so clear to me.

It was hard, YES, it was hard. Complicated and annoying breaking boundaries and challenging new corners of the emotional systems. But as we just knew, on this spiritual level, that it was the right thing to do, it was so EASY to just do it. And we all feel good. After just one week we live as a double family, learning from each other, inspiring each other, and opening corners of our stories, hearts, reflections, and ideas. Sharing everyday life and wild dreams, spending time at the beaches and in the kitchen. Just 8 days ago we were strangers.

Life becomes so easy, if you dare do, what looks hard. If you dare align with who you are if you dare go deep and silent with yourself, and listen to whatever comes. If you dare obey, and risk doing what seems scary, but is surely your path. It is easy, because in this case, the Universe is working with you, all solutions are coming your way, and the obstacles are so CLEARLY schooldays, important life lessons, and personal growth for free. On the highway.

It is just awesome to have a YES year, to be ready for whatever is right, to say YES I AM and stand up for what we truly are, or simply give a f…. And have some beach time because we want to.

So, did you ever imagine someone, you had never met, would actually speak out the kliché: “Mi Casa es su Casa”? And that it would be a smooth and awesome thing to say: “Okay”.


Rituals made Simple

So, this is what we do. Transformation if needed, beach time if needed. It does not have to be complicated, and the rituals are sometimes very simple stuff. Like when we walked to the Roque Nublo on Saturday with our host family, just tagged along, did not even know where we were going (as, again, we just knew it was the right thing to do, to tag along), and the Mountain did her ritual with us. We walked, in the sun, and we finally got to this special rock. Sat down on a warm stone and had some peace, a bit of rest. That was when we were received not just by Nathalia and Mitchel, but also by the Island itself. It was a huge experience, yet quite chilled, we just hung out in our bare feet and had some chocolate. Fjord and I went out to the furthest place you can go, alongside the rock, and Fjord felt the deep vibe of the Mountain with me even stronger there.

In the evening I collapsed. Maybe it was just dehydration (which was surely a factor in me feeling so sick), but surely it was also the mountain ritual and all of the special power it gave to me on that day, that was just a bit too much for my system. I needed a lot of love and lukewarm water and peace of mind, before I woke up to be myself, now part of The Grand Canaria in a very special and new way.

Go surrender to The Yes

So – what can you learn? Go DO it, go DO what you know is right, hold on to your truth, and claim it, as it is YOURS. I find it liberating to just trust the things I “magically” just know, as I am sure the Divine is holding us (all) in her hand, letting us be part of the light whenever we dare surrender.

And this is the Dare Do It Year, the Year of Yes.

Mi Casa es su Casa. Thank you Mitchel and Nathalia for being so brave. Thank you Universe for being so Magical. Thank you Life for being so amazing.

May the sun shine on you!


Cecilie Conrad

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