Harmony in Order: My Journey to Minimalism and Organized Living | Day 15 of my 2023 Journal


I enjoy my flow of organizing our home, wherever it is.

When I flow through whatever home we currently inhabit to put everything in balanced order, my thoughts and emotions find the same order and harmony.

I remember studying this topic back in my university days, being interested in everything about the relationship between objects in our surroundings and the psyche.

Everything in place and a place for everything is a great starting point. Putting stuff back in place can have a great impact on the inner peace of everyone living in the space.

The next level is minimalism. We are by no means Minimalists. We travel Europe in a van with instruments, art materials, several big cameras and lots of books, spare comforters, and extra sweaters. Extra shoes. A blender. Two blenders, to be honest.

Yesterday, we decided to sell the big red bus. In this way, we are becoming minimalists, not trying to live with as few possessions as possible, but having a clear focus to only own the things that are relevant for our presence and future. And the bus, to be honest, is in the past.

It was an adventure to buy, convert, and travel in the bus, and it took us to the place that became our second home for several years, but now new adventures await, and we know we no longer want to neither travel nor rest in the bus.

Making good plans, organizing all the stuff, letting go of what we no longer need, re-writing the plans, re-organizing everything whenever we have lived a few days with less strict order, and letting go once more is just a good rhythm of the good life.

We are happy to spend time doing these things; they are as much a part of our rest and self-love as yoga and sleep.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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