Bowling, freedom cells and miracles | Day 329 of my 2023 Journal


Baby Jesus in all shapes and sizes, ready for the nativity scene in all corners for sale at the market right next to deep-fried pig skin and cowboy style boots of all styles, vast amounts of smoked and dried peppers, and piñatas decorating the roof was the main things we saw at the marketplace we passed on the way to bowling night in the expat group in Querétaro. We passed the street stalls, sometimes just a few boxes, often a little table, sometimes simply a person with a basket or a stack of hats or a collection of decorations made from corn leaves.

I walked with Silke, as the dogs are not fast, and we are not fast, and the group needed to arrive at the bowling hall to share a Saturday night with like-minded at a specific time. I enjoyed this walk with my daughter, shopping for small presents for the coming celebration, and taking in Mexico, so different from Europe.

The bowling hall did not allow pets, so I sat outside with my knitting and the moonrise for several hours while my family was bowling. My phone ran out of battery, allowing me to try the retro experience of just being, not being able to contact anyone, observing the moonrise and the traffic. It was very interesting, and I highly recommend it.

At this event, we met Christine, who immediately felt like a new friend and, within five minutes, offered to drive us to San Miguel de Allende, solving a massive problem in seconds. Sometimes, the solutions present themselves in ways we simply could not have imagined.

It seems that the Jesus energy, the freedom energy, and the attention paid to reaching out to like-minded people are working miracles.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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