Healing Christmas | Day 330 of my 2023 Journal


When our hosts from Denmark invited us to stay for their Christmas celebration, we were happy to say yes.

I had just recorded a podcast where I used the f-word in relation to Christmas and, after that, wrote the “I ruined Christmas” text as I explored what Christmas is with my three friends on the podcast #Daladiesfixingtheworld.

The openmindedness of my friends made me feel okay with my dislike of the holidays, and it seemed there was some sort of catharsis going on.

Just a few days later, I found myself listening to Christmas music all day, wrapping gifts for a game we play at Christmas, drinking hot wine, and snacking surrounded by like-minded people dressed nicely and with big smiles and big spirits.

We had created decorations and written Christmas cards and had lovely conversations where we felt almost normal.

I suddenly felt Christmas might be all right, might have the spirit of community, of presence, of love, of love for core values, of singing and dancing and playing - and I might learn to enjoy it finally.

We stayed up until 2 in the morning, talking and drinking tea and talking. Mostly talking.

Sharing our stories and listening to the stories of the other guests, I remembered what is important, and the vibe of Christmas even made me remember all the crazy, lovely Christmas stories we have in our family and put a smile on my face.

I might be able to create a lovely Christmas when I have grandchildren. Maybe there is hope?

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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