We need art: Nourish the soul | Day 334 of my 2023 Journal


We can not live on tortillas alone.

We need art.

We need a lot of art.

Something to choose from, something to browse through, something to contrast what we just saw.

Something to underline what we don’t understand.

Something to make us question what we know.Something to help us recharge.

Something to allow us to reach out to what is not reachable and bring it closer.

We walked to a collection of galleries called the Fabrica de Aurora while taking the time to see all of (most of) the galleries on the way. We especially liked David :::::: and the artist who made all kinds of art with the same figure: the figure is Timo, the artist is Rodrigo de la Sierra.

This city has an art academy, and it shows; it seems like it is a powerhouse for artists; the quality is great of most of what we saw. And we had a lovely walk. The galleries were supported by the murals and the beauty of the buildings, again, especially the doors being so beautiful.

As an extra little plus, we enjoyed a good coffee at the cafe at the Fabrica, as our brains were fried after absorbing so much art, and we had the opportunity to sit with our faces to the window looking at the little pond with geese and ducks - so peaceful for the mind.

As a special treat to us new to the continent, a single hummingbird passed by and made us smile. 

On the way back, we listened to more traditional music in front of the cathedral and sat for a moment to enjoy the building and the life around it before we went home to rest. With nourished souls, smiles on our hearts. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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