So this is Christmas | Day 335 of my 2023 Journal


Walking the dogs in the morning was a true pleasure on December first. Hundreds of red flowers called Christmas roses in Danish lined the plaza in front of the cathedral, and just as many schoolchildren were getting ready to go to church. Silke and I sat to have coffee (embarrassingly lousy coffee) at the corner, watching dogs and people and crafts of the street vendors, enjoying the morning and the beginning of December. It will be alright. Christmas is healing. It does not have to be horrible! It looks as if it will be very nice indeed.

San Miguel de Allende seems to open its arms to us: On our third day, we were invited to Christine’s birthday party and greatly enjoyed the walk there. It took us through the city, where we saw more beautiful facades with even more beautiful doors, overwhelming second-hand shops, and walls built around trees - we LOVE how they respect trees here when they build over plazas and pass flooring trees.

We arrived at the birthday at the house Christine is house-sitting. I can not even begin to explain how beautiful the home is! From the street, it looks like a tiny place, two floors of maybe two rooms, but inside it is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL, designed by two artists and in every detail wonderful. I was too busy getting to know Christine’s friends to take pictures, so what you get is my word for it. We enjoyed meeting people, all Canadian - one had just arrived during the celebration and had driven all the way from Canada. 

It is heartwarming and inspiring to meet such lovely people. We were happy and fulfilled when we walked back in the dark, streetlights and Christmas decorations making everything beautiful, and the cathedral with all the light and music, the perfect end of a beautiful day. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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