Volunteer work and a windowless Airbnb | Day 338 of my 2023 Journal


It is truly overwhelming how fast San Miguel de Allende is unfolding for us.

Now, we made friends, joined a party, found a favorite veggie shop, and, all in all, feel very welcome on all levels. So much so we volunteered our skills to an NGO, at least for breakfast - just meeting even more great people: Wholehearted, present, and authentic. 

During this lunch, we realized one of the game-changing things is here: there is not much ego energy. It is all real people with good balance and good perspective, all interested and interesting, with a path and a mission and solid values. So, we (humbly) feel at home.

Later that day, we had the honor of inviting Tina’s family to our windowless Airbnb, sharing an afternoon of stupid games, good laughter, simple food - and no light.

But who needs that when making new friends? 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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