Mexican Mind Mystery | Day 340 of my 2023 Journal


The text is about the first piece, but I want to share more than one - See them on the link below!

What is going on here? Is it a flying Woolf or a coyote holding a peyote flower with wings?

And is the door really a square avocado with a foot-shaped pit?

Do I see a mix of stars with flowers and a moon reminding me of TIVOLI in Copenhagen?

Is it a horned snake the woman is holding, and who is walking from the round little hut thing to the house, leaving purple footsteps?

Is the flying coyote maybe rather sitting at a blue piece of land, by a fireplace, singing his favorite songs while it is raining?

Is it raining?

And are there paw steps between the purple footsteps?

The house is clearly made of stone, that I understand; the roof may be of fiber, maybe not. That does not worry me. But I do get somewhat unsettled by not understanding why the big plant with the yellow flowers has its roots in the little hut that looks like a dirt oven.

I get curious and inspired. I want to know everything about all of the pre-Spanish Mexican cultures to find some clues to understand this piece of art. Made by pushing wool threads into resin, by the way. Slowly.

The story goes (the one I know) that the Huichol people, who make this sort of art, took the peyote juice to enter a state of transcendence in order to be able to talk to the gods. And once back from what we would call an acid trip, they would share what they saw by making this kind of colorful art.

As a psychologist, I find these pieces intriguing as they show what happens to the mind when going to extreme places, what we are capable of, and what we can learn.

To truly decode it, though, I think I need to understand more of the culture the artist comes from, the symbols, the stories, and the axioms.

Can anyone recommend me a good book?

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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