Have no Fear | Day 341 of my 2023 Journal


There was much talk about how dangerous Mexico was before we left Europe. Honestly, I find it hard to navigate the Stories, the warnings, the hints, and see what is real. This goes by the way for everything. Disinformation, calling humble opinions disinformation, fake stories, the silence of other stories, I just gave up at some point.

I will look for what is real on a much larger scale. How do our inner worlds function, what is true for everyone, what are general patterns, and what is the history of the world? Teach me about mythologies and the stars and the periodic table, but please - do not talk politics to me; I am afraid I don’t trust anything anymore. How can we validate?

Okay, that was a rabbit hole, but a relevant one. As we move through a world totally unknown, we must find a way to do it safely and in peace. I think it might have been easier had we been just one or preferably two persons, but we have been blessed with kids and are a large group. It is not easy to change direction; it is like a big ship sailing. You need time and space.

So how does it work? I still don’t know. I have been in Mexico for seven weeks now. I can only hope for the magic of seven to help me, as I still feel a bit lost. Life wanted it, so the only way to get to Mexico City from San Miguel de Allende was to hire a private driver, as the dogs were not allowed on any other options.

As I am right now driving into the center of the vast city, I am grateful for this. It is costly, but honestly, it had not been fun to try to make this move in a more raw style. Especially as it is also raining heavily.

I am not afraid. What I am is insecure as to how to find my way in this context, how to find solid information in most here-and-now contexts, and how to balance this search with a no-fear strategy.

As it happens, life itself seems to save me every time, leaving me with only fairly easy options, enough lovely people, and time to take it slow.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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