Frida, the streets, the buildings | Day 342 of my 2023 Journal


The first step in Mexico City was to take it in the city. A good way to do it while not wasting time is to visit an art museum.

I am no expert, really. But I find it fair to say a museum of art is a shortcut to understanding a culture. Not in a rational way, but on a deep level.

Mexican art is like nothing we have seen in Europe. It IS different, consistently, different somehow in the same way, or in a parallel manner, or am I just making it up?

Did I really see an older woman sitting on a museum stool to watch a video on a piece of art UNDER A CHAINSAW hanging from the ceiling?! Did the artist plan this? Was she part of the exhibition? I will not even include my photo because it was just bad, but please use your imagination.

We enjoyed, of course, Frida Kahlos: 'Las dos Fridas 'very much. It is a good hack to choose just one piece in a museum and take it in, spend at least half an hour on it, and give it undivided attention. Here, we focused on Frida. Obviously.

What more? I bought a homemade lollipop from a student offering them, with the amazing Mexican taste combination of sweet combined with sour, salt, and chili. Perfect.

Also, we enjoyed the tall, shiny buildings, the long walk, the street vendors, the creativity and initiative, and the vegan street food style restaurant we found while walking through Roma Norte.

In this country of meat-based food, it was a lovely treat to have the traditional food in the street, our style.

And then we went home and watched a very good movie, had tea and water and went to bed.

Nice first day. We like Mexico City.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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