Peaceful days, walking, talking and blue blue sky | Day 353 of my 2023 Journal

big-cactus (1)

Out walking in La Ventana, taking in the landscape, watching birds and cacti and sunshine and all the butterflies.

Beautiful beach time with turtle skeleton, puffer fish ditto, time together, and evil tentacles in the water biting us.

Walking back, Silke and I got pretty lost, and with no map and no covering, we did at some point find it a bit disturbing, but then we found our friend’s dog who was lost, and there was a meaning to all of it.

It took a few detours, plus a walk to the shore, where we found people with water plus covering so we could see the trail on the map, and finally joined the group so we could all come back for lunch and water. Especially water.

I might just be too tired, but I find there is not much more to say: Sometimes, these peaceful days, even with all the adventure, are hard to describe. The drive on the dirt road, the new butterflies while walking, the impressive cacti, the blue blue sky, the preparation of meals and long conversations, and the beauty of the sunset.

It all seems a bit banal when coming down in the journal. But really, this is the life I want.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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