The Sea of Cortez | Day 354 of my 2023 Journal


Just get out there. On the water. In the water.

That is the recommendation from everyone we met living on boats for everyone else. And it is very true. In La Ventana, we had the luxury of living with our lovely friends, and they had all the needed local information to know where to book a day on the water. Off we went, all then (left) of us (one of my friends’ adult children had returned home the same morning).

And we got so lucky. The day was clear and calm, clouds mercifully protecting us from the brutal sun of the sea, and we went off to visit the Island, named after Jaques Cousteau and the life around it.

The first thing we met was a humpback whale and its calf. It was, of course, amazing, and we all felt if we see nothing more today, it is a success anyway.

After the whales, we sailed to see sea lions, which in and of itself is overwhelming. There were two, and we enjoyed their company a lot. Everyone but me jumped in the water with all the snorkeling gear to enjoy the reef just under and swim with the lions. My three youngest had never done it before, but they had good help from the rest of the family and the guides. I am too afraid of water. It is what it is.

So I enjoyed the view and the dogs sleeping on my lap and had some peace until we continued to a beach to have lunch, go for a walk, and do some more snorkeling. There, I forced myself to experiment with snorkeling but had no great success: the ocean is not my friend. I got stung by some tentacles of evil things; one even entered my wetsuit. So I got out of the water and went for a beautiful walk, observing the bones on the shore, the vouchers, and the beautiful beach.

A lovely way to celebrate our final day in La Ventana and the winter solstice! Very often in my life, the reality of here and now is more important than the day of the year, be it Christmas or easter or Solstice or birthday. I can not be bothered to plan and organize and make sure it will be this special ritual because there is too much here and now to attend to, too much to explore, too much LIFE to be lived.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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