A long, dusty road | Day 355 of my 2023 Journal


A long, dusty road. We literally saw a Roadrunner. Like in the cartoons!

It must be one of the highlights of the day. Such a great comment on the desert landscape we traveled through. On top of that, it actually ran on the road! I did not hear the MEG MEG, but I did get bored driving hours and hours on long dusty roads, and I did wonder a lot when I saw pedestrians where they were going in all that nothingness.

We stopped somewhere to lunch on the side of the road, and literally, all the trucks passing waved and smiled at us. Such a contrast to the stories we have heard about never stopping anywhere on the roads in Mexico because it is so dangerous; you could get robbed with a gun to your head, or worse, your Child’s head. We just had smiling faces, street dogs, some trees, and a pig hanging out while we ate our guacamole.

Just saying. Negative stories travel fast, and the quiet is not an interesting one to repeat. So please repeat this one next time someone tells you it is dangerous in Mexico. At least it is not dangerous everywhere.

We arrived at a new Airbnb just north of Magdalena Bay, where we hope to see whales. The most amazing hosts, with a bone collection to show us and a neighbor who would take us out on a boat the next day to begin to explore the nature around us.

It will be a very merry Christmas. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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