A day in The mangroves | Day 356 of my 2023 Journal


We took a day in the mangroves in Puerto Aldofo López Mateos.

“Where the Crawdads Sing” is a great novel; I greatly enjoyed it. Here, in Puerto Aldolfo Lopez Mateo, the landscape takes me right there, to the marshes where the novel takes place. I do recognize it is not the same, and I also do want to go to Miami now to explore that kind of nature - but for now, I am happy and satisfied with where we landed. 

We might not meet the whales. We might be too early. But the whole thing is perfect anyway. 

The landscape behind the Isla Magdalena is wet and dry at the same time: Ospreys and pelicans, seashells and low vegetation, wind and sunset, hummingbirds and vultures. So close to the Pacific, yet unreachable, it is, with the mangrove and the shallow water in between. The perfect hiding place for the grey whale and an excellent barrier from the big waves.

Our hosts arranged for us to go out for the day to enjoy the mangroves and learn about the landscape with a fisherman, and one of the hosts joined as a guide. What a luxury!

What an extreme luxury. The sky so blue, the dolphins so soft and peaceful, the long list of birds we saw, and the single sea snake that might have been a moraine. An oyster farm so decorative it is hard to understand, two small islands to walk on and get stuck in the sticky sand.

I am not sure where we got the energy from, but we did go out kayaking after a late lunch, sailing in the sunset with the pelicans and the beauty. And we slept very well that night!

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Cecilie Conrad

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