Merry Christmas from Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos | Day 358 of my 2023 Journal


Isla Magdalena was our Christmas walk. We like to go for a walk at a beautiful place on the 24th of December, and as I am not a big fan of the whole Christmas show, we had exactly nothing planned for the day except this excursion. Sweet Mario sailed us to the island and spotted the coyotes for us: Beautiful brown woolly creatures.

We walked over the dunes, playing Sahara and running in the warm sand to get to the other side. Overlooking the Pacific, we had our guacamole-based lunch. Then we walked and found beautiful seashells, and wondered why so many skeletons of turtles were on the shore.

Later, we learned they drown in the fishing nets, leaving me more vegetarian than before. You might argue eating fish is okay and natural, but the way people fish is doing great harm to innocent and endangered species. If you hunt it yourself, making sure to do no harm, well, it is a different story. But most of the fishing industry, even here in the small pueblo, is part of a global problem.

So sad.

And back we walked, so tired, so extremely tired. The sun and the ocean, I dont know, but tired we were.

Later, we were invited to participate in a Christmas celebration at Kimberly's house, the Airbnb host, a beautiful full moon evening with a fireplace, lovely food, and people. We received thoughtful gifts, including eagle feathers, and were overwhelmed by the welcome and inclusion.

So, it did become a Merry Christmas after all. With a Native American, a jew, and a few other travelers - and us. A great mix of people. Randomly and beautifully.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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