Christmas Games: The Julømpiade is on! | Day 359 of my 2023 Journal


The Julømpiade is on! For those who do not speak Danish, this word is a mix of Christmas and The Olympics. A tradition we started last year to do something for Christmas as I dread the traditional expectations of the housewife and mom.

We planned the games over the days before and executed them on Christmas Day, and here they go:

  • Best Christmas Photo taken within 15 minutes 5 points - The winning image is above :)
  • Pass the Pigs game: 3 games, one point per game
  • One point for each time someone does the dishes (that day)
  • Guess a Christmas-themed song by one team-mate miming it

It was a lot of fun, really it was. Even though the picture is admittedly embarrassing, we (girls’ team) did win the competition with that one, so it was worth it.

What else. Sunrise. Sunset. Full moon. More Ospreys. Pictures of flowers I would have sent my mother and grandmother were they still alive.

Sunshine. Love. Peace.

Oh! And walking to the water with the kayaks just to realize it was low tide and there were too many dogs and fishermen and -women.

Christmas spirit? I don’t know. Spirit, for sure. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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