Overwhelmed by mosaic | Day 72 of my 2023 Journal


Some days on our journey are so packed that it is simply impossible to reflect on them the next morning as my 365 challenge asks for. Sometimes, I have to let time pass, just do things slowly and not focus on my inner life, just allow things to settle.

So here we are. A few days later.

Ravenna mosaics truly are special.

This is the short version. Made of stone of different colors, not painted ceramics or the like, they have sparkling and clear colorwork. We visited a baptism room with a full immersion bath in the center, a mausoleum that was used as a reflection and prayer room, and a church. All were beyond what we have seen before, especially the church.

The Basilica di San Vitale church might be the most beautiful one of all the churches we have seen. But, it is a stupid hierarchy to establish, as the European cathedrals, basilicas, and churches are very different.

What I am saying is this: The basilica is unique, the aesthetics are overwhelming, and our experience was profound. 

On top of the 3 UNESCO sites of mosaics, we visited the museum, had a vegan lunch, waked the dike and the long central historical route through the old center, had ice cream, had fun, photographed street art, visited the Japanese-style gaming and manga shop and camera cafe, and came very very tired before we met the veggies truck right next to our parked car and went out for pizza as we were too tired to cook. 

We played our new card game Similo, a game we met at the board game cafe in Paris in September last year, and had very good gluten-free, vegan pizza.

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Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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I would love to hear from you. Listen to your thoughts and reflections - or praise :) It is often emotional to share our lives like this, and we get very happy when we get feedback from you. So feel free to share a comment below 😋 

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