A rainbow over Scilla | Day 63 of my 2023 Journal


Some days can be defined by a single moment. I will let this one stand with its rainbow. The day was packed, but the rainbow alone would have been enough.

I saw the rainbow out of the corner of my eye as we were just leaving Scilla. Leaving because of the rain. We had planned to stay in Scilla, a retro experience, as we stopped in Scilla on our way South in December. Scilla has the amazing story of Ulysses and the monster, Scilla has an amazing view, and Scilla has a cook in the restaurant who made us an amazing vegan meal. So why not stop in the same place on the way North?

Well, because "No man steps in the same river twice."

The universe told us in its beautiful way, soft and clear - with the rainbow. We went for a lovely walk along the coast, as the rain was not too heavy, and it was nice to have a pause, but clearly, we did not want to stay. The weather forecast pointed to two hours more driving, which would take us out of the rain.

On the walk, Silke manifested French fries - the moment she asked for them, there was this one place open in the otherwise very silent village by the ocean. Perfect. Our first serving of fries in a pizza box. There is a first for everything.

Coming back, organizing, and eating the fries, this rainbow emerged next to the big Scilla cliff, where the monster of Scilla was supposed to live, extremely bright, and extremely beautiful.

Reminding us everything is okay. Always.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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