What if it was easy? | Day 64 of my 2023 Journal


In our family, we often open this conversation: What if it was easy?

It is a good question to ask yourself from time to time.

Sometimes, just asking the question seems to smooth everything out. If not, it will still change the vibration and open new insights to think about a situation with his idea: How would this whole mess look if it was easy? Describing this, thinking about it, and hence allowing it can work wonders.

Not that it was exactly a wonder this time, but it still was a good example of ease.

I had had online contact with two young fellow Danes working their way from Syracuse to Copenhagen on bicycles, hoping our paths would cross. Especially because we felt increasingly socially hungry on our road trip around Sicily. To meet some fellow travelers and have some simple social fun was just what we needed.

When I finally got to it, after the vomit and the flat tire and what have you, it was all ease. Erik and Clara were very close to our next destination, and up for sharing an Airbnb for a few days. We picked up first Eric and the bikes and later Clara and had wonderful times in Torregaveta just outside of Naples. 

The ease goes on. The match was perfect, and on top, it was Eriks' birthday the following day, so we even had a celebration. Everything was easy, down to the train connection to Napels going from end station to end station. Finding restaurants for the birthday was simple as well. Across the street from the museum in Naples, there was a vegan restaurant AND a gluten-free bakery.

As simple as that.

This whole situation reminded me it is important to remember to ask the question: What if it was easy. How would it look? Because easy is not impossible, very often, it is the first option.

The second layer of this perspective is to walk away from what is not easy. If a situation is acting up, making trouble, being complicated, seemingly impossible, or something just feels off, it is often the best idea to either do nothing or to just walk away. Let go of the effort and think about how it would look if it were easy.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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