Choose happiness: Always | Day 61 of my 2023 Journal


I am always happy. And if I am not exactly happy, I am happy to know I am learning something important.

That is always how it goes.

Yet, it happens, I forget.

We have been sick for a week now. Taking turns to vomit and running for the bathrooms. Each time one of us got better, we truly believed it was over. Only now, after eight days we seem to accept we just have to take it slow, wait and see, and take time to recover.

It has been chaotic. Vomit in the streets, literally while parking in new places. In and out of Airbnb. Lost a lot of sleep.

Had to cancel great adventures.

It is not always Instagramable, the nomad life. It felt like the culmination when we had a flat tire in pouring rain.

But here is the rub. Here is what we are learning.

Here is why I am happy anyway, always happy and grateful.

You see. Within this week of sickness and low energy, we did have the crazy experience of the random place and the running cows on the beach. We also did a beautiful walk to the Venus pool, breathtakingly beautiful. And we observed the volcano Etna, beautiful with snow and steam and clouds.

We also learned, that we can handle even this while on the road with no tears, no fighting - just a steady doing of what needs to be done, solving each problem one by one.

When we had a flat tire, just like always, there were people to help immediately. It was not fun, but it was not too bad either.

It is a question of mindset, again.

Choosing to be happy even in this situation.

When tired, it can be challenging, but I accept the challenge.

It is a good one. 

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

Thank you for reading

I would love to hear from you. Listen to your thoughts and reflections - or praise :) It is often emotional to share our lives like this, and we get very happy when we get feedback from you. So feel free to share a comment below 😋 

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