Sicily: We have to talk about the trash! | Day 60 of my 2023 Journal

We have to talk about the trash

We have had the opportunity to reflect upon the garbage problem in Sicily. On this island, we have been shocked by how garbage is everywhere. It looks very much like people are desperate rather than neglecting.

Many small stops along the roads are full of trash bags, many places with containers overflowing with 3-5 the volume the container could hold, and many places along the roads trash has been thrown away, maybe out the window?

The island has a garbage recycling system like everywhere else in Europe, but it seems the capacity does not by any means meet the need. 

When crossing the mountains, we saw what was clearly EVERYTHING from a house left along the road, dispatched over about 2 kilometers. Toys, clothes, furniture, kitchenware, everything. What is going on?

The problem is a big-scale problem. And the solution does not start with recycling; we have to step back and talk about consumerism. Even further back and talk about inner peace. We run too fast, we consume too much, we accept stupid solutions, and we all do it.

I will not claim to have the solutions, not at all. We try to shop at markets with no plastic involved, we try to use what we have until it truly breaks, and we try to live minimally, not consuming too much. But we are not willing to let go of all the comfort and all of the adventure. Very often, we just use the supermarkets with all the plastic wrapping, and we are guilty of plastic bottled water as we do not see other options while being nomadic, and we do shop for new stuff when we feel we need it.

I rest with the decision: Shopping only for products, no wrapping in plastic or otherwise, is a good place to start. Every time we recycle, we are going in the right direction. Every time we avoid producing garbage, even better. Every time we find our peace and do things slowly and lovingly and not consumeristic (is that a word), we move in the right direction.

whave to take responsibility for what we leave behind. Doing our best.

The thousands of plastic bags along the roads of Sicily have brought my attention back to the importance of this.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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