And they call it normal


How often do you want to be together for 7-8 hours straight in a small room with 28 persons who are born in the exact same year as you?

Oh … and the fun part!

You do not get to choose the persons yourself - and you are bound to be together with them for the next 9-10 years.

This is the reality forced upon children. Would you say yes to this, yourself, if someone came and asked you?

And they call this normal.

My basic question is - would you choose an environment like this?

And if this would be so normal as people think it is. Why do we not see this social structure when people are grown up?

I do not see any grown-ups choosing their friends based on if they have been born in the same year as them.

Or just imagine going to a party at age 40, where everybody who is there is born in the same year as you, and in the same area.

I would not find this normal at all - I would find it scary as hell.

Education and learning cannot be stopped
If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales


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