So what to do with all the freedom?


Our Weekly Art & Nature Challenge! One of the big wins of the unschooling, full-time traveling & digital nomad lifestyle is time. Time to be together. Time to enjoy life together. Time to explore. Time to … Yeah, what exactly?

So what to do with all the freedom? Our Weekly Art & Nature Challenge!

Last year we needed to ask ourselves: “What is the goal of the freedom we have fought to create in our lives?” 

We have obtained a rare level of freedom – Our kids are #homeschooled, and our business is #locationindependent – So we have a lot of freedom.

But sometimes the everyday life just comes sneaking up on you. And we learned that we wanted more. We decided on a weekly Art & Nature Challenge – Where we at least once a week should enjoy either a cultural- or nature-experience. 

In Denmark, we combined the two as we walked in “Rusland” (translates to Russia), an area in the North of Sealand, Denmark. Nature there is super special, the trees are old, and we enjoyed the contrast of winter trees to the light of the sky and in the Statue Park. In the park, there are placed 15 sculptures by the artist Rudolph Tegner (1873 – 1950). The sculptures are placed in a beautiful landscape for everyone to enjoy. 

As we walked, we tapped into the longing for art. This is one of the tough elements of the #covid lockdown of the world: We NEEEEEED to enter the art museums and the galleries to feed our spirits. In  2021 it will be an exciting challenge to find real art/culture experiences to enjoy every week. 

First in mind comes architecture, sculptures, and churches. Any ideas are very welcome!

Join us on our weekly art & nature challenge – see more art – be more in nature 🙂 Give yourself the gift of enjoying it at least once a week 🙂

Follow Your Dreams, They know the way
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