Do we live the dreamlife?


I will take uncertainty before safety and other people’s plans, I will take my cute and chaotic little bus in Catalonia over Northern wither.

I am in my bus, my feet are up, I have coffee and time, and the sun is shining.

Next to the awesome bus is parked a dream car: A VW van with roof tent, seats for 7 sleeps 5, handmade backend kitchen, solar panels, and all.

We have the freedom and the means to go where we want to go; we earn enough to live the life we want, we do the education at home; no one is attached full time anywhere.

This is awesome! This is exactly what we dreamt about 5 years ago when we started planning for it. To be able to go anywhere, be always together, have the economy to never worry about money, find great places in the world to experience with our children, and make friends everywhere.

Exactly this happened.

But a lot of other stuff also happened. Two and a half years into the nomad lifestyle, we sometimes feel frustrated. It is a complicated life. Nomad lifestyle is not vacation full time. As always, responsibility follows freedom. We still have to handle complex relations and make all of the decisions life throws at us.

After we started full time traveling, we had to handle the following major situations: My mother died, my father died, our son’s teeth needed massive treatment, COVID happened, the aftermath of my parents’ death was complicated, and we learned that ….. we actually do not really like to drive the bus – it is so super big and very old and heavy. We want to move fast, explore mountains and be more mobile than you are in a bus from ’73.

We have to change gears. Sometimes we talk about it as making a good plan. But actually, it is creating a new dream. We already have all we planned for; now we need to plan for something else. Something more. Something adjusted for all we learned. And that is a lot. So it is a big plan, a significant new perspective. I feel run over; I feel overwhelmed.

But I chose “overwhelmed” before “bored” any day, I will take run over before obedient, I will take change and uncertainty before safety and other people’s plans, and I will take my cute and chaotic little bus in Catalonia over Northern wither – with all that follows.

If we dream again, we will find ways again.

May the sun shine on you.


Cecilie Conrad

So what to do with all the freedom?
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