Worldschool pop-up event | Day 120 of my 2023 Journal


The pop-up event has officially started.

Twenty-two more families were arriving on top of the 14 already here. We are excited to reunite with old friends and to get to know more like-minded people. It is unique to be around so many people for us, so many on the same page as us. More or less.

the beard trio

Arriving at the castle in the morning, David from Ligrones en Ruta opened this beautiful day by fixing our van. Bless him. That was after hugging and smiling, obviously. Continuing to meet people, reunite and talk. I never imagined social life could actually be exhausting. Usually, I would say it fills me up, and it does, but the challenge of being around so many amazing people all the time has made me meet my limits.


I am officially overwhelmed.

Later on, we went to the beach. Beautiful Utah beach. An afternoon with children and adults in and out of sand and water and conversation.

In the picture, I am talking to such a soul sister, whom I have known since the 2019 Worldschool Summit, and always recognized as my kind of woman. It is just so pleasing and relieving to talk to someone real, really close, and really straightforward.

When we became cold, and snacks came out, I went to the van to listen to my favorite jazz concert, #thekolnconcert, while cooking a meal for us in the sun. It was beautiful.

For the coming week, we will move with the huge group around Normandie and make connections and memories and grow. Very much looking forward to it all.

We also visited the monument for Danish sailors during the war and the monument for the lonely sailor.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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