Cold salt water morning | Day 121 of my 2023 Journal


As I am writing this, I will admit I am exhausted.

I rolled out of bed at eight and joined the cold dip challenge. It was indeed cold.

We are totally hooked. It is such a great start to the day.

Moving on to the castle to hang out again with the huge group of Worldschoolers. I just love the gang!


Afternoon at D-day museum, learned so much, was so tired! Wrote poems for fun in the sunshine with the teens. Used the f-word and laughed a lot.

Cooked in the sunshine, just to realize the pasta had gluten, I had to throw it all away and serve cornflakes for dinner.

Evening at the castle celebrating the birthday of the co-living and one of the teens. Cake and drink and laughter.

And conversions. All day. Batteries running low, jumpstarting with espresso and quick meditations to keep up.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

# 121 of my 2023 writing challenge - Read them all here

More images from this day

Van life cooking


Great morning dip in the cold water

Silke Enjoying the museum

Hanging out with friends outside the D-day museum

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