Mont Saint Michel | Day 122 of my 2023 Journal


Once more, we woke up at the beach and joined the early birds running for a cold morning dip. What a wonderful thing to do in the morning, and so much fun with friends. 

Moving on, we spent a good hour in and around BioCoop, while Jesper had a Zoom meeting. We made our morning bowls, prepped the lunch, and organized the van before we drove off to Mont Saint Michel.

The place was packed with people, yet we managed to find our people. We walked the beautiful walk to the beautiful place, saw the beautiful people, and walked in the sand and mud around the island as we were there at low tide. I visited the small chapel on the backside I did not even know existed and found a path to the village at the backside.

Stunning - Even with all the people

Somehow we overcame the crowds and visited the cathedral and the abbey. It was hard not to feel like sheep, and I will love to arrive as a pilgrim next time, say my prayers, meditate, and join the song. But okay. Been there, done that. We have now seen the part we did not see last year (abbey and cathedral).

The walk from the camper parking to the abbey and back is 11 km, and just like last time, we ran out of water and arrived back at the van very tired, thirsty, hungry, and hunger for caffeine.

I just love my van. Lunch was prepped, and even though it was not precisely lunchtime at 6.30, we cooked the brown rice and broccoli, made our bowls, brewed some coffee, and rehydrated.

It was lovely.

Then we drove off to hang with some friends who also attended the popup and had rented a beautiful country house in the area.

Arriving at nine in the evening, I will admit we were running low on energy batteries, but friendship is so pleasing and important.

Laughing and enjoying life together

So, we enjoyed an evening with like-minded people we had known for years. There was much laughter, much love, much fun, more coffee, and a fair amount of wine and cider before we finally collapsed in the van. 

What a day!

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

# 122 of my 2023 writing challenge - Read them all here

More pictures from this wonderful day

Lux & Silke enjoying the sun, the dogs, and Mont Saint-Michel

Friends enjoying talking on the beach

Mont Saint-Michel-wheel
Detail from the big wheel inside Mont Saint-Michel

mont saint-michel
Detail from Mont Saint-Michel

mont saint-michel2
Detail from Mont Saint-Michel

mont saint-michel3
Young humans who are so wonderful to hang out with

mont saint-michel4
Happiness after the cold morning dip


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