We are so radical, yet I find us completely natural | Day 126 of my 2023 Journal


The day after the prom was coronation day.

Silke and I have managed to watch something like six episodes of “The Crown” and wanted to see this anachronistic thing as it happens again in real life. So, the morning after the big party, we had the coronation on the big screen in the castle lounge. I can participate in the hype, just like I can enjoy a good football match without really caring - more from an observant point of view, as a cultural phenomenon.

After lunch, we all went to the beach.


In Normandie, the beaches are so wide when the tide is low and overwhelming when it is high. As we came in low tide, it was a long walk to dip, and a fast run back, as the wave started coming in while we were in the water.

A moment at a food truck place to say goodbye to those leaving, followed by an evening in the place Sarah and Luna had rented.

3 awesome unschool dads

An evening I will cherish for a long time. Dylan taught me the Austrailian saying, “She’ll be alright,” meaning it's all good, and the vibe was just so US. A shared meal with no plan always becomes amazing. The timing (22.30) to sit down and eat was perfect. The wine was good. The teens connected, and the wine was good.

And the conversation was just what we all needed.

It is just THE BEST to be with people who are totally on the same page.

We are so radical, yet I find us completely natural.

We are so much in just the flow of things. We come from the heart and never leave.

We laughed so much about the state of the world, the coronation rituals, ADBLUE in motors, rules, and regulations, how unschooling dads are of a certain composition, how we have to stay strong and soft and clear, how we don’t want anything to do with mediocracy, safety, boring normal.

Sitting around that table with funny and strong, clear like-minded people is something I will cherish forever.

Thank you, Carli Flawer, Sarah Beale, and Luna Maj, for the moments and especially the vibe we share.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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