Moments | Day 146 of my 2023 Journal


Not all days sport Rocking things to Rant about or big themes to play Wise with Wisdom around. Some days are silent resonance boxes.

The day after the book release, I was flowing through the emotions around my oldest daughter. How I had her on my own. Our small apartment in Copenhagen. The minimalistic yet powerful family life we had.

The change when we met my now husband.

Buying a house.

All the siblings she got.

I am not sure I can sit long enough to fully have peace with it all. It is an overwhelming thing to be a mother.

So much love. So many decisions. So much to do. All the moments. All of the long lines. The responsibility.

At the same time, I have all of the other ones.

My youngest had a friend over, chatting all night and playing VR most of the day. I stretch tremendously to have peace with electronic entertainment. I am old-fashioned, but I want to learn, to evolve. I do not want my fear to get in the way. I bought the VR thingies and the new gamer computer in agreement with my husband. I want them to have it. My job is to keep up, not succumb to irrational fear.

“It is fun to have fun” is one of our family slogans.

Meaning: It is legal to have fun. It is a huge part of life to have fun. We are not living to prepare for something else or to impress anyone; we are living to live.

Let’s just have the best bit of the cake right away. Walk the mountains, visit the metropoles, play the games, drink the wine, share the hug and the laugh, speak your mind, and stay strong.

Have fun.

We are currently living with friends outside of Copenhagen at their family farm.

We went for a walk at the depressing beach of Køge Bugt (pollution) under the beautiful blue sky, through the lush green beech forest, alongside the minuscule stream to see her wild horses, part of a nature protection program my friend supports.

It was a beautiful walk. The best kind of resonance walk. We took off our shoes, grounded. Slowly walking over the moss, the grass, the heather, the sand. Some days are a chain of moments, like music, like pearls resonating and shining silently.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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