Gaming | Day 147 of my 2023 Journal


Wuau, it has been a roller coaster! Gaming might be the most potent example of the importance of Deschooling in my entire journey as an unschooling mom.

Wuau it is complicated.

I know it is about me.

I know I am the one who has to evolve.

I know I am probably wrong most of the time. I work hard to let go.

The advice for parents, the whole conversation around gaming, and especially the media coverage on gaming and children are so misled by adult fear and statements with no real science behind them, and it is affecting me. I am trying to stay calm and free, to let go, and sometimes I am good at it.

Mainstream says children get hooked on gaming; they become dependent; some even say it is addictive, like heroin. Some think they lose social capability, academic options, and physical development. It is a fear campaign leaving parents in opposition to their children.

It is the fear of what is new and unknown.

Humans have always been gaming; dice are among the oldest findings.

Our technology today provides new options, and a few days ago, we received new VR gear.

In the beginning, I thought it was scary to see my kids with the face-thing on, absorbed in a virtual world, but then I stopped to think: When I read a book, I am lost in the world, completely absorbed in another world. What is the difference?

Why do we, the adults, think we have to stop our children from doing what they find most interesting? What are we afraid of? Today I will try it myself and see what happens. I might have some fun!

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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