The journaling challenge | Day 148 of my 2023 Journal


When I started this challenge 148 days ago, I planned to share a photo daily, along with a snippet of text related to the day before—a simple travel-journal challenge.

I have loved doing it. It has grown a lot.

I changed to several photos, as it sometimes made more sense. I still think of the first one to be the important one, the pic of the day.

More importantly and time-consuming, I have grown ambitious and want to write something meaningful, something worth reading.

When I first began, I had the idea of doing it primarily for me. I love to write, and I know how important it is. I have done many challenges: Daily entries in a bullet journal, 3-page morning pages before anything else in a flow-state, and writing weekly blog posts.

This time I decided to share my reflections online because the commitment was easier to uphold if it had a social element. It has worked well.

I try to ignore the attention from social media.

Well, I do not ignore the people talking to me, obviously, but I try to avoid being hungry for it.

It can be hard, likes can be addictive. So, today I write this more boring one to challenge the idea of being interesting.

Journaling is healthy for most people, I think. And I like this journaling challenge.

I love to write every day and have learned a lot.

The consistency of doing it EVERY day has taught me to focus on the little things I want to think through and express, and it has also taught me how hard it is to complete a big project.

It is so easy to say: It would be cool to do this or that, but harder to realize how much work would go into these things. I especially love this element, as it helps me eliminate projects and focus on what is essential.

As if I did not do that before?

Well. It is a lifelong challenge to have a relevant and updated list of passions, projects, and focal points, complete with lists of elements to act on. This challenge has reminded me to do this wholeheartedly and frequently.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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Thank you for reading
I would love to hear from you. Listen to your thoughts and reflections - or praise :) It is often emotional to share our life like this, and we get very happy when we get feedback from you. So feel free to share a comment below 😋 
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