Beautiful Copenhagen and our alternative life | Day 149 of my 2023 Journal


During our first week in Denmark, we welcomed the baby, celebrated the book, visited the in-laws, spent time with the adult child and son-in-law, celebrated the forest, caught a virus, and almost got over it.

Now, we will spend a week in our city - as tourists.

Or rather: We will visit the city.

We have no social stuff on the calendar. We will walk to new areas we have not seen before and visit favorites The cathedral (of course), the bookstore, the game shop, the park, the castle, the café, Tivoli, and the barefoot shoe shops.

We will probably also cheat and see some of our friends and family as they live here, but the agenda is to reconnect with the city.

We have always loved the city, yet we have no regrets.

We are having great adventures as nomads, and these “homeless” years are totally worth it.

Right now, we are lucky enough to be able to borrow an apartment from one of our friends, and we are very grateful. It is one of our favorite areas, and we feel very much at home.

It is lovely to know how we have learned to live “alternatively,” i.e., out of the box, defining that everyone needs their own rooms and beds and desks and closets.

This apartment has two rooms and a large kitchen, and I find it HUGE and beautiful. Many of life's restrictions, possibly all of them, are derivates of something we believe, a construct in our minds.

When we let go of the ideas of how “it is supposed to be,” we are left in a peaceful place. When we learn to live with less, happy if we have “it all,” and happy if we have “some,” then life is so much easier.

We are happy and so ready for this special event. A week in our favorite city - the one we come from. Beautiful Copenhagen.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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