Tivoli is my Copenhagen | Day 150 of my 2023 Journal


When my first child was a little one, I was a single mom with half an education, a tight budget, a small apartment, and a good life. We had a lot of fun! We were Copenhageners with cargo bikes and a love for the city space.

I remember how I longed to have enough money to buy myself a new pair of shoes, how that would be a fantastic luxury. At one point, my grandmother gave me money for that, and I bought myself the most foot-shaped shoes you could get at the time, Arauto Rap shoes, normally only sold for children, but in the main store in Copenhagen, they sold them in adult size. I loved them!

Off-topic. Just a faint and great memory.

On-topic would be the fact I met my husband in TIVOLI. Some 34 years ago. Wuau.

Another thing I did was to prioritize the year card for the old amusement park in the center of the city and for the museums and our church tower built by the most famous king, Christian the Fourth, called Rundetårn.

I wanted the city to be without restrictions for us. The amusement park has ballet, classical music, jazz, beautiful flowers and fountains, a theater, all for free once you enter, and the rollercoasters you have to pay for.

We did the roller coasters and the like once a year and visited the park another 35 times or more to enjoy the beauty, the city, the plays, the people, the happiness - and share an ice cream.


On our first day in Copenhagen, we visited the old park, all six of us as it is now. And we laughed and smiled a lot. The sun was shining, the flowers were beautiful, and we enjoyed it a lot.

The past and the present melt together, the spirit high and the love intense.


I love how life circles around itself, and the different layers enrich whatever moment is currently going on in the timeline we usually understand as "Here and Now".

Breathe a bit, and feel it.

I also very much appreciate knowing what is important, so I can notice when important is unfolding.

Like fun.

And sunshine.

And love.

And great relationships.

And amazing places.

And beauty.

All together.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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