Sailing and hanging out | Day 196 of my 2023 Journal


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We have friends everywhere, except where we don’t - so we go there to make new ones.

A bit overwhelmed by the ones we already have, and now holding a streak of socializing EVERY DAY since mid-April, we are strong social ones.

We love hanging with Marjan and Bernard in their beautiful home in Gent. The way they lovingly and carefully host us without expectations and without entertaining us, continuing with their lives so we do not feel we are getting in the way of anything, is just perfect for our temperament.

It was bold to call and say, we are coming two families instead of one, but as it unfolds, it is beautiful. It really is.

The day we arrived, Bernard finished fixing up a boat.

They are planning to take it to Greece this summer to enjoy life on the water, and on the second day, he invited us all on a boat ride to the center of Gent, where the festival is unfolding. It is always a lovely experience to be on a boat with friends. With some cava and olives and carrots, the water, and the changing context on land, we enjoyed the ride very much.

We reached the center just as heavy clouds assembled an made it (running) to find ourselves under a cover for half an hour of serious rainfall. Fresh and beautiful, the city re-emerged after the rain, and we walked to find coffee. WAY is a 100% vegan high-end cafe. The coffee was good, and so was the brownie, and even more interesting was the artist we met and did some artwork with.


Then we went for a walk, got a new pair of shoes for Storm, and finally made it to the actual music festival, it proved to be too much for us, so we abandoned it and went back to get some peace.

A beautiful day, one of those when you think you are going for one thing, but the adventure is all the other things. As it often happens.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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🇩🇰 Read in Danish 🇬🇧 

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