The Gent Festival | Day 197 of my 2023 Journal


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This time we had a plan!

No loud music, no big crowds.

We went out to see the Gentfest, but the focus was to find street artists, street musicians, some food, and just some hanging out time. So, we did. A big band of horns and flutes was entertaining, a magician impressing us with his 15-minute show, a street-artist entertaining children in a less interesting way, some very good musicians and a very bad one.

And a cringing experience of a fantastic drummer playing, where a woman started dancing in front of the audience as if she was part of the show, but actually she wasn’t, and as we realized one by one, we started laughing and could not stop.

We had some seriously bad street food, and several times found ourselves listening to two concerts at the same time, an experience I remember from last Gentfest. Room for improvement there - maybe a bit more space between the scenes or less volume on the loudspeakers?

Ending up in the nice park, we listened to more music, met our hosts, saw a big but not too impressive fire show, and realized we were very tired. So, we headed back through the festival, enjoying the lights, music, people, and some ice cream.

It is fun to enjoy the Gent festival and such a luxury to be able to just hang out in our friend's house when we exit the huge event to have a peaceful time. 

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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