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Each time we arrive at a large event, I turn myself backward inside and feel overwhelmed and paralyzed at the same time. It is funny, though. I am a very social person, and I have been excited about going to this big event - yet upon arrival, all I want is to hide in my van. Even when a good handful of my good friends are there, I still feel I just can not enter the situation.

This is how it is. Always is.

Yet this time, a bit more, I think. We had been talking too much about how overwhelmed we are and how tired we are, and we really are - but it never helps to focus on lack, negative aspects, exhaustion. So, I will admit I could have handled it better, been better prepared, and in a better place myself.

The HEFF festival is huge. And truly wonderful. Hundreds of families home-educating children of all ages, a few grandparents, and some young adults who were home-educated as children and teens gather yearly to spend a whole week together.

Every day, there is yoga on, discussions and panels, workshops of all sorts, sports and crafts, and dance, and you name it. Evenings of music, live bands, and DJs all from the community, and everyone dancing, laughing, and hanging out. 

I am writing this nr 228 as the whole thing is over, as I simply was too socially overwhelmed to engage in my writing while the festival was on, and now I have to catch up an entire week of my challenge. It is all right. The first day, my kids were happy and out there, and I was more silent and stayed with myself. Next year, I will make sure to arrive with more energy.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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