Worldschooling | Day 230 of my 2023 Journal


What is it anyway? Worldschooling?

We had signed up to give a talk about our educational style under the headline “Worldschooling,” we were to talk for an hour and a half about … well, everything around it.

And it got me thinking.

How do I explain what it is? And is it truly our educational style?

Not really.


It is not.

We travel the world because we like it. We are curious about what might be around the next corner, get restless if we stay in the same place too long, and need many different settings: Sometimes beach time, sometimes metropolitan life, sometimes road trip, sometimes peace-time in rented houses, sometimes coliving.

The funny thing is, the worldschooling, just like traveling, really is about something other than you would think. Worldschooling has a sound around it as if it was all about education, a strategy to make sure the kids learn certain things. In a similar way, traveling the world sounds as if it is all about the adventure.

It is not.

In reality, it is all about the people.

We travel for people. The people we meet, the people we want to meet, the people we want to meet again.

Worldschooling in our style is growing up while traveling the world or doing whatever makes the most sense. 

In a way, the word is in use in our family to make questions go away: Worldshcooling sounds cool and seems more comprehensive for most people, rather than unschooling, which just sounds wired. But in all reality, we do not ask anything of the children education-wise, and they grow up while exploring the planet - well, while meeting people in many countries, coming back to old friends or distant relatives unfolding what is and what will become.

Worldschooling to us is about living, and intuitively, it seems more realistic. The kids will learn a bunch of stuff BECAUSE we travel all the time, but they would anyway. 

To me, it is all about not wasting your time and making sure you live a good life here and now and tomorrow. And to us, the nomadic life without formal education is a great base for a happy life. It is as simple as that.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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