Camino Frances Day 4: Countryside Conversations, and Riverside Respite | Day 253 of my 2023 Journal


Camino Frances. Day four

Holding our breath, hoping Liv's knee would hold, we started on the cool and moist morning of our fourth day. Walking through the city, she decided it was okay, so we set off on a shorter walk of only 15 K.

Through the city, stopped at the pharmacy for blister bandages and other hiking goods. Out in the heat and sunshine of the countryside and late morning, receiving fresh fruit and grapes from the farmers.

Walking. Walking.

A little church with the first stamp of the day and a bit of shade.

A coffee shop with table football and pause.

Good conversations about it all. Spirituality. What the Camino really is. And why. The fun fact: Santiago is Saint James in English, and Sankt Jakob in Danish. About computer games, books, plants, and plans. Countryside, other walkers, distances.

In Cacabelo, we stopped for lunch and the day. The restaurant owner was nice, cooking us brown rice and veggies, talking a lot, and, in the end, drove Jesper back to the van as no taxis were available. It was Sunday AND siesta. Can’t blame them.

The rest of the group waited by the river, where Liv and I swam for a bit. Cool water is a blessing.

The following drive through the mountain was unpleasant, but we had to check into an Airbnb as Erik had to fly to Copenhagen, and we wanted to walk the entire thing together.

A country house was waiting for us for our two days of pausing.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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