Camino Frances Day 8: A Journey Through Mist, Mountains, and Memories | Day 259 of my 2023 Journal

Day 259

Camino Frances. Day eight.

We drove back up to the top of the mountain and started walking mid-day. It was not a long walk, but it was for sure a very steep one. Both up and down. It was also very versatile. 

There was mist; we walked in a cloud and enjoyed stunning views and slippery inclines, old villages, cold wind, and warm sun.

We saw wildlife and beauty, met people, and walked in different groups as the day unfolded.

When we finally arrived in the evening, there was no hostel, and we had to drive back to find one. It's not optimal, but it's not a big problem either.

I don’t have much to say. The Camino Is special.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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